a. Lumban Batak Weaving Community Ulos Suhi

Located 6 Km. From Pangururan, There is the industrial center of the household that produces distinctive Batak cloth called Ulos. Here are some craftsmen Ulos Suhisuhi around the village, and we can order these directly Ulos.

b. Aek Rangat

In this island there is also a Hot Springs from the mountain pusuk Buhit. This place is called by Aek Rangat which is located at the foot of pusuk Buhit, pangururang. Hot water is very good for health. After enjoying our Rangat aek also pampered with warm coffee and tea along with traditional foods such as Mi Gomak Batak (Batak Spaghetti) or lapet.

c. White Sand Beach Parbaba

Still in the area of ​​the District Pangururan, Coastal lakes are similar to the beach. Located in the village of Praba, we can go with the mini bus was like Sampri, PSN adan SBS. Many tourists who visit this place to enjoy the view of Lake Toba. In addition to swimming, we can also use some of the facilities like the waters of Canoe, Banana boat, water bike you can rent with varying prices.

d. Stone Chair Siallagan

About 5 miles north of the village of Direction Tomok, there are megalithic sites also a favorite destination for tourists. There are stone seats Siallagan, where there are many relics of the remnants of the hobo kingdom with statues, place of execution and the traditional Batak houses.

e. Tuktuk area Siadong

The tuk tuk is a promontory located not far from Tomok, there are many facilities here like tourists. This place is so wonderful to enjoy a different atmosphere samosir with 4 km long peninsula we can find hotels, restaurants, homestays, guesthouses, cyber cafe, grocery, souvenirs discotheques and bars

f. Stone Fence Lottung

Located in the village Lontung Simanindo districts, known as the king of Batak village, surrounded by a stone fence with carved traditional Batak. Along with relics of the past Batak king

g. Tomb King Sidabutar

It is one of the favorite tourist destinations located in the village Tomok. There are graves of Batak kings. Based on a legend, King Sidabutar is the king who has magical powers, powers contained in the hair and will be lost if the power is cut. Here also we can see the dance-gale iconic doll Sigale Batak.

h. Souvenir Center Naidoo

As a tourist destination, the island of Samosir is also well known in the art, crafts and great culture. Various crafts were sold in the souvenir market in the village center Tomok. Not far from the pier we could see a variety of souvenirs that could be taken.

i. Lake Sidhoni

Sidhoni lake is located in the district Ronggurnihuta, if samosir nicknamed the island above the island, then sidhoni also called the lake above the lake. Lake water here sometimes seen to change color. Sidhoni located 8 Km. of Pangururan, surrounding scenery is beautiful with water reflection on sunsetnya.

j. Stone Master

According to legend, the stone form of buffalo merupa teacher of plato samosir women are directly transformed into stone. Another version says that here are the first place of the nobleman who imprisoned and made terllihat magical. People around here who believe that this is a sacred place and forbidden to speak less polite if at this place. This stone does not directly touch the ground, he sustained three stone. Stone of teachers we can find dikecamatan Nainggolan.

k. Pondok Wisata region Lagundi

Located in the district of Onan bronze this place suitable for camping activities. Beautiful beaches, we can swim freely here and there lodges teens available.

l. Waterfall Sampuran Euphrates

It’s a beauty that is hidden behind the mountain valleys of the hill ranks. This beautiful waterfall is perfect for relaxing the mind, surrounded by trees – pine trees and natural stones. Located in the village of bill Dolok, District Harion Boho Samosir regency.

m. Hariara Maranak

Hariara are cultural sites that contain hariara tree. Vein is located in the Village, District Palipi about 25 Km. of Pangururan. All of this comes from the legend of King Lontung who planted this tree from a dried fig, and the tree is still growing despite the surrounding arid land, this tree is also sacred Reportedly the local community.

n. Tower of View Tele

The tower is a place to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba coated surface valleys and hills with a beautiful impression. We can also enjoy a glass of ginger tea or a cup of coffee that is available close to the tower.

o. Batusawan

Sawan is a rock waterfall that looks like a large bowl, unique and this water tastes like lemon water. Some visitors come here and pray to be given sustenance and health to God.

p. Si Raja Batak village

Sigulanti Raja Batak village on the hill side of the mountain are pusuk Buhit. Believed to be the first village of the Batak ethnic origin. Here also planned the construction of geopark tourist attractions of Lake Toba.

q. Stone Hobon

Hobon stone is one interesting cultural sites visited. Located in the Valley of Pusuk Buhit. Based on the legend of the Batak tribe, there is a belief that here stored treasures and relics of ancient history.

r. Aek Sipitu Dai

Located in the village of Aek Sipitu Dai, District Sianjur Mulamula, approximately 9 Km. of Pengururan. Here there are springs that originate from the 7 channels and each channel has a different flavor. This place is also believed to cure diseases.

s. Si Raja Batak house

In Sianjur Mulamula, there is also a relic of history in the form of miniature houses the hobo king. This house is a house on stilts made of wood and no nails are fitted roof and stairs

t. Village Tourism and Home Stay

Traveled to the villages samosir also is the right choice. Enjoy the freshness of the water, listening to the birds chirping. Learning about nature in the Village Homestay. We can visit the villages in samosir while seeing more closer activity.